Hemorrhoids – Its Causes, treatments, and prevention

hemorrhoidsThe complete guide how to diagnose hemorrhoids and start treatment

Hemorrhoid is the medical term for swollen veins and tissues found in the rectal canal and vagina. It usually happens due to inflammation of the veins in the anal region due to the increased pressure on the veins.

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Internal hemorrhoids can only be seen on the outside. Hemorrhoid is not that common in women, but it’s still dangerous. Internal hemorrhoids have pain and itching sensations in them. External hemorrhoids are bloody stool, burning, uncomfortable or painful patches of swollen tissue found outside the anal area.

There are two types of external hemorrhoids. One type is known as a prolapsed external hemorrhoid. This is the kind that hangs out from the anus. The other type of external hemorrhoid is called a strangulated external hemorrhoid. It has its tube, which is located hemorrhoid itself.

If you have hemorrhoids, then you may already know that hemorrhoids treatment is something that you should be very concerned about. When your hemorrhoids become too large and inflamed, they are no longer small anymore. They are now bigger than a pea in size and can be very uncomfortable to handle.

There are many ways to treat both internal and external hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoid cream, ointments, and suppositories can work well to get rid of the problem. In case you have internal hemorrhoids, there are many home remedies that you can try. One way to do this is to keep yourself hydrated because you will need to use hot water and sit in it for at least ten minutes before taking a bath.

You need to use lubricants so that you can use the toilet regularly to avoid friction in your anal area. Also, you can do warm baths that can relax your body and relieve the discomfort of hemorrhoids. There are also special treatments that you can buy over the counter. And you just need to apply to the affected area to get relief.

Another option for hemorrhoids treatment is to undergo surgery. Surgery is an option if your hemorrhoids are quite big and are not responding to treatment. Other options that you can do include rubber bands that are used as hemorrhoid ligation.

A hemorrhoid is a major concern, especially to the men who suffer from hemorrhoids. They are more sensitive to pain, especially when it comes to anal areas. So if you are a man and have hemorrhoids, you need to do everything possible to help you manage your hemorrhoids. There are a lot of remedies and home remedies available.

There are also products with some natural ingredients like witch hazel that can alleviate the severe pains of hemorrhoids. You can also use a sitz bath as one of the remedies to relieve the pain caused by hemorrhoids.

How to treat hemorrhoids?

One of the best hemorrhoids treatment is to apply ice to your affected area. You can also put jelly on your affected area to reduce the swelling and pain. This will help the hemorrhoids to shrink and heal faster. Another solution is to drink a lot of water and try not to constipate.

Another one of the best hemorrhoids treatment is a diet that is rich in protein content. Such food can reduce the inflammation of the hemorrhoids and prevent them from growing larger. So you need to be careful with the food you take to ensure that you don't develop internal hemorrhoids.

Also, avoid taking too much caffeine and alcohol since it can increase the bleeding and irritation of the hemorrhoids. When you have bowel movements, make sure to wash your anus using a moist towel before going to the toilet. It will help to prevent bleeding from your anus.

Remember that there are a lot of cures and remedies that can help you cure hemorrhoids fast. Some have some side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, and itching. So it is good to consult your doctor first before trying out anything.